Anxiety and hope rarely go together, in words or emotions. People suffering from an anxiety disorder think constantly about the next attack, or future situations which might cause them discomfort. They wonder how they can escape certain situations if the need arose. Exits are monitored, certain activities are avoided, and friends slowly fall to the side. An overwhelming sense of “Why?” takes hold. For them worry about the future is their present. The light at the end of the tunnel diminishes, and thoughts of hopelessness seep in. Anxiety is defined as a state of unease or apprehension. Sufferers, even short term, know how uncomfortable those feelings can be. This simple definition doesn’t come close to encompassing the spectrum of symptoms. Hope is defined as an expectation that will be fulfilled, or to have confidence in, or trust something will work out or be okay. This collection of essays not only pairs anxiety and hope together, but proves they are concepts that can work well with one another. Each contributor shares their experience with anxiety, how they made their way through the darkness and stigma of mental illness, and found hope lighting the end of the tunnel.