One day you feel healthy and perfectly young, and suddenly you notice your reflexes slowing down and wrinkles start showing.

Baby boomers around the ages 40-50 start feeling their age. Some age sooner than others, perhaps owing to their lifestyle or health issues.

A 46-year-old woman wrote to me saying, “I don’t feel good anymore. I suddenly notice a dramatic change in the way I feel and look.”

This sentiment reflects what most men and women experience as age catches up with them. She said that she went to an endocrinologist, who performed some blood tests and prescribed hormone replacement, including a human growth hormone (HGH) injection on a daily basis.

Prescribing of HGH is not new, this hormone has been used since the 1950s.

But in those days, it was used on children with growth problems. Things stayed this way until the 1990s.

The first indication that a course of HGH can help reduce body fat by more than 14 percent and increase lean muscle mass by 9 percent came about when the New England Journal of Medicine published a report by Dr. Daniel Rudman.

Although this was a small study performed on a few men, the affect it had on people was amazing.

Several articles on anti-aging started doing the rounds, and manufacturers came up with anti-aging products of all kinds, including HGH sprays and creams.

Endocrinologists did not approve of these products, saying they are worthless and don’t work.

However, they did approve of HGH injections, but over a period of time, these injections were seen to come with some side effects, especially when used on people for anti-aging.

The market is now flooded with HGH supplements and some of them are completely herbal.

The multi-billion dollar market is growing more than 10 percent yearly.

But even as the number of buyers of these products soars, the legal status is still fuzzy.

Research to support anti-aging and extending life is going on and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) has a huge member base with about 20,000 members from 90 countries.

But the problem is that the American Medical Association (AMA) does not give anti-aging the importance many believe it deserves. It does not consider anti-aging a specialty.

This is perhaps the reason many doctors, in spite of believing that some of these products can actually help people slow down or reverse the signs of aging, refuse to come out in the open, as they are not allowed to write prescriptions for anti-aging products unless there is a medical condition that requires supplementation of HGH.

But when did anything stop humans from wanting to look and feel younger?

As long as humans lived on Earth, we have always wanted to look younger and live longer. This sentiment is true of every culture, society and religion.

Of course all the products that have been touted as anti-aging products failed at dramatic life extension.I say ‘all’ because there is no such thing as dramatic change. No product can transform a person from old to young.

In the last 10 years, there has been plenty of parallel anti-aging research taking place.

This research is carried on with the help of private funding and some HGH products can help reverse the damage aging causes.

Many users have reported taking off many years off of their age.

Many of the remedies that work without side effects are those using natural herbs and no synthetic substances.

Go through our website and read more on human growth hormone and HGH products.

See what works and what does not.

In your pursuit for youth, you may have to spend a few hours gaining knowledge but it will all be worth it when you find yourself feeling healthier than ever before.

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