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Survival Communication: Survival Lessons How To Keep In Touch With Your Family When The World Gets Deathly Still

In this modern world we live in, communication with anyone is just seconds away. With the modern use of cell phones, the internet, and countless apps and sites at our fingertips, we don’t have to stress about how or when we are going to talk to someone.

If you can’t manage to get in touch with a person one way, you could go through any number of other methods, whether you opt for the use of email, chatting apps, or some form of social media. And that is only if you decide not to try the alternative to texting (calling) or calling (texting).

Really, in the world we live in, there is little excuse to not be able to get a hold of someone. When you walk down the street you see countless individuals of all ages looking down at their cell phones as they make their way across the street, whether they are young children hanging out with friends, or if they are old timers walking down the sidewalks.

But what happens when this communication stops? What will you do if you suddenly don’t have access to a computer or cell phone? Or suppose the cell phones and computer systems are suddenly inoperable. We all trust that this isn’t going to happen, but we tend to put too much trust into that, because if it does happen, you don’t have any way to get in touch with the people you love.

This book is going to change all of that. In it, I am going to show you how to keep in touch with your friends and family in any kind of crises situation, whether you are stuck out in the wilderness, or if a natural disaster strikes, leaving the world in silence.

  • Learn how to stay in touch with your family in any kind of situation

  • Prepare for the unplanned as you set up your home for communication

  • Keep in touch with others in survival situations to ensure everyone makes it

  • And more!

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